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Věk Zlatého Světla - Age of Golden Light

vnitřního věčného světla a jeho moudrosti- of inner eternal light and its wisdom

co vám v TAJEMSTVÍ neprozradili,aneb podrobný postup jak se stát vědomým tvůrcem a pánem svého života a osudu zde

Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively

Submitted by Open on Fri, 09/28/2018 - 06:58

On the spiritual journey, as kundalini starts to rise from the base, progressively due to the spiritual work you may be doing (chakra meditations for example), then the movement of energy can feel very sexual at times. And it can result in a strengthening of sexual desire that wants to be fulfilled. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's right for it to be expressed sexually, perhaps because the situation isn't right for it, or else a potential partner isn't available, or because the energy is meant to be contained and expressed in a different way, which can then become amazingly creative in your life. You may contain it and embody it, through particular practices of 'tantra'...

Released Kundalini that Feels Sexual

Released kundalini energy might feel very sexual, but there is often a fine dividing line between this and purely creative energy - the two are very closely related. So what you may well find, is that by working to contain the feelings within, without necessarily expressing sexually, that you start to draw all manner of reflective manifestations in the field around you: a beautiful bird for example or some other creature in nature; powerful life-changing synchronicities; you may witness clouds shaping synchronistically in the heavens; and 5D connections forming with new people and creative situations coming into your life. 

One essential aspect of activating kundalini and containing it, is that you'll likely start seeing plentiful reflections of your Twin Flame around you. In the Openhand Approach, the Twin Flame does not physically incarnate. Rather it is the other polarity of the soul, which takes shape near the source, as the soul starts to flow into form - as it incarnates. So at this point, the soul notionally subdivides into two, one part - the Twin Flame - staying close to the source, and the other incarnating. When the soul is active and integrated enough within the incarnated journey, the Twin Flame then begins to generate reflections in the field around the incarnated soul, thus acting as 'homing beacon', drawing the soul through life - through the Universal Torus - inviting deeper integration and therefore progressive 'ascension' back to the source (an inner journey which is reflected into the outer world).

The question is, how to master this movement when it might feel mainly sexual, but the sexual urges aren't necessarily being reciprocated or there are no immediate circumstances for full sexual expression?

An Outline Practice of Tantra

This is where the practice of 'tantra' becomes essential, which to me, is essentially transcending the physical experience by penetrating through it with awareness and bringing the expressed energy fully back inside yourself.

Essentially you allow the kundalini energy to flow, supported by daily spiritual practice (parnic breathing for example); you might then witness someone who activates sexual urges in you, but where there's not necessarily opportunity for that to be fulfilled. Nevertheless you may allow the feelings to flow, but being clear to bring the cycle of energy back within yourself. How to do this? It is the recognition that any kind of sexual fulfillment - orgasm for example - is generated by the sense of completeness that happens within you. It's as if the realised aspect of yourself is meeting and uniting with the unrealised aspect right back at the source - you're essentially having a unification process with your Twin Flame. Which is why it can feel so remarkable. But you do have to practice bringing the energy back inside and not attaching to the external subject. You let it flow out with the expression of your desire, but working to stay completely present and bringing the energy back to you in a cycle. You literally feel the embodiment of the energy within yourself. This can be practiced in actual sexual intimacy with a partner or by self pleasuring - being attentive during release to bring the cycle of consciousness back to the completeness of the source within. But as I've expressed, this tantric practice is not limited merely to sexual intimacy.

Please note: It's also essential to add, that if an external reflection in someone is generating sexual desire within you, but the person is not reciprocating, not to be imagining that you are sexually fulfilling with them through this tantric containment practice - the risk being that you generate unwelcome energetic connections through the field with them anyway, which would then be an invasion of privacy and the other person's sovereignty. But it maybe that the reflections you see create an imaginary vision not related to the subject, which can then be fine to express sexually, through self pleasuring, in a divinely sacred manner - it not just being about sexuality, but deeply expressed sensuality, connecting widely through the senses, being gentle and sensitive with oneself.
Explore Sacred Sexuality Further in this Openhand Forum Thread

Where blockages created distorted Tantric Experience

This form of tantra is highly advanced, and the movement of energy is likely to reveal internal blockages, such as in the sacrum for example, where unrealised soul might be attaching in relationship. If you notice this happening, it's essential to strengthen your chakra attunement practices, but also being clear to work in daily life where attachment may be arising - it's about softening into the blockage, exploring where there might be subconscious need, bringing this into awareness and realising the completeness of the One that you already are.

Sample this Openhand Chakra Opening and Attunement Meditation to su...

It's also essential to note, that distorted expression of releasing kundalini energy, which then sticks within particular chakras - such as the base for example - can allow in interdimenssional entities, which then wish to exploit and harness the releasing energy. I've experienced them feeding purely sexual desire so as to harness this energy - which is one of the highest forms of divine energy - hence the risk of becoming a target. It's essential therefore to be vigilant, totally conscious and aware in your own field, and always looking for aligned expression - the feeling and sense of rightness within how you express, and particularly sexually.
If You Feel Entities Invading Your Field, Try this Openhand Releasing Entities and Implants Meditation

Practicing Tantra in Life

If we can master holding the rising kundalini, without necessarily having to express sexually, but then transmute inappropriate desire progressively into internal embodiment of the completion of the energy, then you'll increasingly find that the energy is integrated into your field and life, to be expressed magically in countless ways: when you eat food for example, you fully taste it, being fully present with it, yet again, the delight of actually tasting and fulfilling as consuming, is embodied by witnessing the sense of completion within you as you eat. 

If we practice this tantric approach, then you're highly likely to witness reflections of your Twin Flame progressively all around you in life: in nature, in songs and music, in the twinkle of a persons eye, in the sign on an advertising billboard. You witness something, feel the arising of energy, but then embody it as a sense of fulfilled completeness in the moment. It feels utterly divine, like you're constantly living with divine presence - the fulfillment of you - all around you. Not only does it feel magical, but the contained internal potential, becomes a powerful creative manifesting engine in your life.

This embodied tantric energy is then 'normalised' within you. It becomes a way of living, where life is dancing around you, continually creating, and being fulfilled as a sense of completeness within. It can be expressed sexually, but doesn't have to be. It is simply creative. Simply divine. I encourage all who resonate with my sharing to explore along the lines I've expressed, but in a way that feels appropriate for you.

Sorce: https://www.openhandweb.org/containing-rising-kundalini-through-tan...

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10 způsobů, jak přestat být otrokem a svrhnout pyramidy kontroly (jak se osvobodit od ovládacích chapadel zkorumpovaného otročujícího vládnoucího systému) Uvedeno ZDE.

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Uživatel Zlaté Živé Světlo přidal komentář k příspěvku do blogu Prezident Spojených států Donald Trump zrušil projekt Billa Gatese známý jako „ID 2020“ a učinil následující uživatele Zlaté Živé Světlo.
"* Petice Bílého domu k prohlášení George Sorose teroristou a k zabavení jeho majetku získala 213 tisíc podpisů Uvedeno ZDE."
Uživatel Zlaté Živé Světlo přidal komentář k příspěvku do blogu Pokud podporujete, či jste dokonce volili takovéto pa-blby, sypte si hlavu popelem a proste všechny za odpuštění! uživatele A.Z..
"Wake up, or it will turn out in our country like this:* Seattle is Dying - Here."

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