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Top Twelve Ways to Raise Your Frequency To Attract A Vibrant, Enjoyable Life
by Neda Hasan, Guest writer,

1. Sunlight

Not only is sunlight a way to make up for lost Vitamin D, but it is used to help stabilize the mood. You can shift stagnant, dull energy of the room by just opening your windows and letting light come through.
2. Sound

Solfeggio Frequencies and Binaural Beats, especially with the use of headphones, have been used to help diminish anger, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on. They are out there on Youtube for free. Check out 396 Hz on Audio Entrainment’s Channel. I would like to add that this is a perfect alternative for anyone who is lazy and reluctant to meditate. You can also listen to uplifting tunes that lift your spirit.
3. Herbs

Lavender Oil has a calming effective on the mind, especially before you go to bed. Besides the health benefits, basil is known to cure sadness and depression. Angelika root has been used centuries ago to get rid of evil spirits, but now it is used for upset stomachs, enhancing sex drive, and eliminating negativity. It should not be taken in heavy dosages, however. Burning Eucalyptus is known to help with colds. Green Oat is said to be good for addictions of any sort. Always check with your doctor if you want to consume any special herbs. Burning it however definitely will provide your home with a relaxed feel.
4. Enjoyable Exercise

Exercise, in and of itself, is known to release endorphins that help one feel better and release stress, but joy in exercise escalates the experience. If you enjoy dancing or playing tennis, do it! When you are having fun and burning calories at the same time, you are not only helping your emotional health, but physical health as well. Feeling like your workout is a burden will not help you to lift your frequency as like attracts like and a miserable journey cannot yield a happy outcome. The Key is to feel a sense of joy.
5. Water

Spending Time in Water will not only cleanse your body, but attract positive energy as Water is second closest to Source Energy, the first Being Light. This information is confirmed by Teal Swan, a legendary Spiritual Teacher. She advises to take a glass of water, set the time for a few minutes, and focus positive thoughts toward the water glass. Then drink it! Repeat this exercise for two weeks.
6. Visualization

Visualization is the way to make it clear to the universe what it is you really want in this physical realm. When you hold up images you love and make them your phone wallpaper, or put up a vision board you see and have access to everyday, you help to materialize your goals. You cannot help but to have positive focus towards your dreams or whatever it is you are trying to attract. Visualization helps to develop clarity of what one wants in life. And you can keep adding to that board when your ideas expand. Imagining your dream lifestyle causes you to feel happy. Think of it this way: for a watchmaker to create a watch, he has to have an image of the finished result of the watch in his mind. It is the same way with your goals. Imagination is powerful. The journey becomes much easier once you know exactly just what your goals are.
7. De-clutter your living space

If you have a messy work desk, you can attract stressful situations. Cleaning up every once a week can remove stagnant, non-moving energy in a room to leave fresh vibrant energy flowing through. You will also feel more lively and in control of your life.
8. Eat More Fruits, Vegetables, and nuts

Vegetables such as cucumbers not only add to clearer skin and help to reverse the aging process, but lift your energy. Nuts like almonds help with Vitamin D and help balance serotonin levels. Vegetables are not only great for vitality, but they resonate at a higher frequency that meat and processed food. They contain more life energy than dull foods like processed cheese and coffee. Never underestimate the power of Diet to transform your life.
9. Break Up with Stress

Stress weakens the immune system and can literally make one feel sick and be sick. Psychosomatic illnesses, such as excessive vomiting, are often caused by negative thoughts. Stress decreases energy and can lead to aging. When one is stress, they tend to make impulsive choices that make them feel good only physiologically and temporarily such as reaching for sugary snacks, which open the door to more disease and problems like cancer and diabetes. When one is in a relaxed state, they are less likely to manifest diseases in their life. And if diseases do arise, they are able to treat it quicker. Disease cannot survive in a body that is at ease. Your mental, emotional, and physical health are interrelated. Stress can attract more negative experiences besides illness, such as heavy workload, and unhappy relationships.
10. Watch Pure Forms of Entertainment

Most people are trained to believe the best forms of entertainment are action movies that involve, sex, drugs, and violence. Comedies like 21st Jump Street and Hangover have made blockbusters in today’s society. Movies like The Next Karate Kid and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, are seldom spoke of. Unfortunately, most people, especially in our youth, prefer a quick, easy way of forgetting reality that I call “entertainment for the sake of entertainment.” Gunshots, sexy scenes, and violence, seems to be the recipe for a great movie to many. But to me, true entertainment teaches a lesson about life, such as Forest Gump. They make people feel good, not just for a few hours of laughs and emotional excitement, but long when the movie is over. Furthermore, young kids who secretly do not like and are afraid of cheap forms of entertainment are peer-pressured and brainwashed into thinking such movies are healthy, just because it makes certain people laugh. A spiritually evolved person, however, does not feel amused by seeing a body part shot off.
11. Don’t Chase People who aren’t Willing to Do Much for You

Many of us spend hours on celebrities or trying to get a person’s attention so they will like us. Often, are efforts go unnoticed and we feel taken for granted. You can be kinder to people than Mother Theresa ever was! If you do not respect yourself, people are not truly going to respect you. Nothing can make us truly happier then being around people who love us unconditionally, whose intentions are pure, who accept us as we are regardless of whether we are fat, skinny, short, tall, have a Ph.D, have no Ph.D, can drive, cannot drive, etc. When you stop chasing the wrong people (the people who do not care for your happiness and well-being) you give a chance for the right people to catch up. And it will not matter if they are blood-related or not, they will feel like family to you.
12. Meditate on your thoughts

You do not have to sit-crossed legged for hours and repeat a mantra to the point of mental exhaustion to meditate. You can let go, sit back, even open your eyes. You can observe the flicker of a flame, or the waves hitting the shore. The main thing is to get lost in peace. Go in such a state of peace, that negative thoughts that were bothering you earlier tend rise to the surface, such as how embarrassed you were about that stain on your suit at work. This time, they won’t affect you because you are such in a state of peace that you will not care as feelings are more powerful than thoughts. Law of Attraction practitioners often forget that feelings also cause thoughts, it’s not just the other way around. Yes, thoughts can cause feelings, but feelings can cause thoughts as well.

An attitude of gratitude is the key to abundance. Keep a Journal of positive things that cause you to feel joy just by thinking about it. It could be as menial as the violet curtains in your bedroom, or the bath filled with roses your children decorated for you when you came back from work. Positive Feelings are even more powerful than positive thoughts, so more joyful situations and thoughts will manifest. They trick is to just set aside time every day to dwell in a state of love.

About the author: Neda is a free-spirited writer, intuitive, empath, visionary, artist, and psychology student. She loves screenwriting, art, Rumi poetry, traveling, philosophy, and studying esoteric spirituality and religion. Her favorite spiritual author growing up was Deepak Chopra. She has dreamed of becoming a writer since she was ten. She currently offers life-enhancing advice free of charge. She can be reached at

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