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Věk Zlatého Světla - Age of Golden Light

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OCTOBER 8, 2017

There is taking place a tremendous shifting of energies on earth at this time and most of you are well aware of it.  Still, there are some even among serious truthseekers that are allowing fear to keep them locked in what is known and familiar.  Many of these dear ones are now getting "wake up calls" and  being forced through various circumstances to open their eyes, acknowledge the truth they know, and begin to make choices that reflect their level of awareness, not someone else's. 
You chose to be on earth to experience and assist during these powerful times as old, false, and finished creations dissolve from a depletion of the energy needed to feed and sustain them.  This is creating  fear in those who do not understand that the only thing that can ever dissolve is the false sense of something.
The spiritual reality hidden within everything  never dissolves because it is forever held in place by Divine Law.  It is only the false concept of some spiritual reality or Divine Idea that dissolves because the false concept has only the energy of belief to hold it in place.
For instance mankind's'  desire for perfect health  is in reality a seeking for the wholeness and completeness that is everyone's birthright as an expression of God.  It was not so long ago that only physical treatments were used for  disease.  As mankind evolved, "snake oil" solutions were recognized as being useless and are no longer used.  (by most)  New and higher ways of understanding  health as encompassing more than just the physical body began to be recognized allowing healing modalities of much higher levels to manifest.  
Spiritual evolution manifests as ever higher and better forms of everything that appears to the human mind as material and this will continue  as individuals realize that they are consciousness with a physical body and not a body with a consciousness.
There could be no material form  if there was not a spiritual reality behind it to be interpreted by mind. You cannot make something out of nothing.   Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell in the material universe is actually spiritual in its purest essence, held infinitely in place by the energy of Love.  How those spiritual ideas (completeness, wholeness, abundance, intelligence,etc.) are interpreted by the human mind  directly relates to the attained state of consciousness of the interpreter.
New waves of higher consciousness sweeping the earth are serving to awaken many into the realization that Gaia as a living planet meant to be protected and honored by those on her.  Many are now finding ways to do this through means as simple as recycling and yet there remain those who lash out in fear and ignorance, seeking to dominate and control all aspects of your living planet. 
Do not despair for Gaia, because she is going to do whatever she needs to do with or without humanities' help.  She is a living soul with higher dimensional aspects the same as humans, but it will be much easier to consciously join her in her ascension journey rather than attempting to harness and dominate.
Those living fully in three dimensional consciousness get all their pain and pleasure in the physical.  They fear losing what they have accumulated in the material world  because they identify themselves as being their wealth, appearance, accomplishments, education, and actions. These dear ones hold great resistance to any change especially if the exploitation of Gaia's  has played a part in their financial gains.
You who are awakened automatically assist the evolution of planetary consciousness simply because there is only one Consciousness.  As your personal state of consciousness becomes  imbued with  truth,  it flows automatically to all who are receptive.  You need not speak or lecture, your energy does the work, reaching even to someone on the other side of the world who may be seeking exactly what you have in your consciousness--the many within the ONE.
Because of oneness,  thoughts reflecting your state of consciousness are being broadcast into world consciousness and can be felt and received by those in alignment with them.  Those of a totally different state of awareness than yours will  not even notice. The statement; "Birds of a feather flock together." is a perfect explanation of how energetic alignment works.
For example, a person who carries cellular memory of many lifetimes involving physical suffering and disease, will automatically draw to themselves (alignment of energy) impersonal  thought forms regarding disease.  However, thoughts and beliefs are impersonal and never become yours until you allow them into your consciousness as truth.  Every thought and belief no matter how ridiculous is simply floating about in the universal world consciousness until accepted as one's reality.  
When a "war" on some disease or issue is launched in the effort to defeat it, it simply intensifies it because this "war" is promoting  and broadcasting the "power" of the particular issue to the world, firmly planting fear in the consciousness of all who are receptive.  You are creators and  must become ever more aware of  what you are creating.
This can be difficult for an awakened person who finds themselves struggling with some disease or human situation  while at the same time trying to reconcile the spiritual truth they know with the experience.  Desiring wholeness drives most people to seek vast amounts of information about the situation but this can cause feelings of confusion and guilt for the spiritual student because they now understand "problems" to reflect the third dimensional belief system. 
Never doubt that help is provided on all levels of consciousness.  It may very well be that the most perfect solution  at the time will seem to be material.  Never, ever, feel that you have failed in your spiritual journey if you go see a doctor, or need  to use some  three dimensional tools.  To pretend a state of consciousness that has not yet been attained is fruitless because truth must move from  intellectual knowledge to being an attained  state of consciousness before it can express outwardly. 
Follow whatever protocols resonate with you all the while listening to and  trusting the guidance of your intuition and not what others may be telling you.   Do  what you are guided to do but do it with an awareness of yourself as being pure spirit with a Light body that never dies, but who is having a human experience.  Living on a third dimensional planet is a matter of being "in the world, but not of it".  Resist nothing for resistance only gives  power to something that has no power other than what you give it.
You the awakened ones, are no longer being allowed to stand on the sidelines and watch.  It is your work to hold truth in consciousness at all times while  weaning yourselves away from the 24/7 news, gossip, and the promotions of duality and separation that bombard you from every direction.  Remember, what you feed your consciousness with,  will be reflected in your experiences and add to world consciousness. 
Truth either is or is not,  and only  you can  choose which to believe.  The days of going to church on Sunday and then fully resuming a three dimensional life Monday through Saturday, are behind you.  Although many try,  the old ways will simply no longer work for those who have or are now ready for the deeper truths.
Your energy is no longer aligning with many long held illusory beliefs as well as with certain foods, friends, entertainments, etc.  You are now aware that you and everyone else are not just human beings living only one life ( an excuse commonly used to justify doing whatever one pleases regardless of its affect on others.)  
You have awakened or you would not be reading these messages, but it is your choice as to what you do with information now coming from many reliable and high resonating sources.   Free will is a powerful gift that allows every soul to choose.  However, choosing to remain in some outgrown situation simply because it is familiar never changes the truth of who and what you are, and will serve only to delay one's spiritual evolution. 
Everyone regardless of appearances, is a Divine being--an expression of Creator Source and all that is embodied within  IT.  This is  absolute truth in its simplest form and will never change regardless of how inconvenient it may be to three dimensional concepts and standards for living a  "perfect" human life. 
All power lies in realizing  that God alone is Power and that that Power is you regardless of outer appearances or the beliefs of family. friends, governments, religious leaders or  "experts".  It is time to reclaim the innate power that through ignorance you allowed others to take.  It is time to balance your feminine and masculine aspects, and it is time to stand in the highest levels of truth you know even if that stand is simply holding silent awareness in the face of some difficult circumstance. 
You are ready to claim your Divinity dear ones,  you have done the hard work  necessary to emerge out from under the world's umbrella of duality and separation  expressing as-- rich/poor, sad/happy,  in relationship/alone,  peace/war, sick/well, employed/unemployed, gay/straight etc.   
It is time to accept that you already are and always have been everything you have sought lifetime after lifetime.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                                  10/8/17


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