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Věk Zlatého Světla - Age of Golden Light

vnitřního věčného světla a jeho moudrosti- of inner eternal light and its wisdom

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The Event – Operation Andara – Phase II

Pleiadian light forces transmission 3152019

Channeled by Michael Love
Approximately 8 Earth weeks ago, a green light go was given by The Councils of Light to initiate Pleiadian Operation ‘Andara’!
About Operation Andara:
Pleiadian healers aboard advanced light craft surrounding this planet are using powerful monatomic ‘Andara’ crystal technology to emit an intense energetic field around planet Earth at to force all low-vibrational energy to separate from the Starseeds stationed here!
Phase I of this galactic mission was to assist Earth Starseeds with relief from all types of 3d matrix bondage and life difficulties!
Celestial light forces have now initiated phase II of this special mission which is to open a Central Sun portal that provides an escape route from the 3D matrix re-incarnation trap! 
This Central Sun portal resonates at 40-100 hertz and leads directly to the 5D New Earth!
The scheduled Earth date marker for this grand portal to be opened is at the Spring Equinox on 3/21/2019!
Celestial Light Forces are doing there part in this mission and now we can assist them in doing our part!
We were shown that our part of this mission is to correctly use an piece of ancient technology, described below to create enough energy around the planet to open this grand portal!
In over 100 hours of channeling galactic data from The Great Central Race about Pleiadian Operation Andara, we receive the largest akashic download to-date!
In this data we we were shown an amazing extra terrestrial ascension technology that is very real and very powerful, and we are going to share it with you here!
What is Andara?
‘Andara’ technology is advanced ascension technology derived from the lost knowledge of Lemuria when The Great Central Race was here on Earth the first time!
The history of Andara ascension technology:
The ancient Lemurians achieved a higher level of their consciousness in their time and transformed themselves into a much more advanced race know as the Andarians!
This quantum leap in consciousness was accomplished primarily using Andara crystals!
What are Andara crystals?
Andara crystals are the highest vibrational crystals in this universe!
Andara crystals originate from Fifth-dimensional star systems and were left for us, buried deep in the Earth, by our ancient elders to aid us in our current 5D ascension process.
Andara crystals were used in ancient Atlantis and Lemuria as advanced ascension technology, for heightened spiritual development and for total healing of the layered energy bodies.
In the original Atlantis and Lemurian ascension an inter-dimensional implosion occurred and the ‘seed’ material was heated, not only to very high levels, but in a contained hyperfield, which is created by two or more dimensions touching. A hyperfield forms a ‘no-time’ zone, where linear laws of thermodynamics are warped ,or in some cases do not apply at all. In was within such a hyperfield that the prima matra powders and the Andara crystals were created.
That through their purposeful interaction with the prima matra they transmuted their crystalline dna, becoming a highly futurized form of ‘hue-mon’ being, even more developed in their light matrix than the Lemurians of that age. Thus, at this point in our discourse, we will cease calling these colonists ‘Lemurians’ and refer to them as ‘andareans’.
Andaras are 5D master-being crystals that are monatomic in structure and contain prima matra (which combines 70 minerals).
Monatomic Andara crystals emit an extremely high energetic frequency that corresponds with the 5th dimension. 
As light passes through an Andara, powerful rays of transformative, healing energy are released and can be inducted directly and instantly into the auric field!
These crystals are multi-dimensional and are not bound by space and time!
Andaras are a soul enhancing, high vibrational healing tool that works on all levels; physical, emotional, and spiritual.
Monatomic Andara crystals work directly on your DNA and will tune your resonance instantly to the 5th dimensional, 40-hertz, gamma state of being!
The metaphysical science of Andara ascension technology:
Andara crystals are formed in a no-time hyperfield, creating within them a kinsothenitic continuum this is a continuum that allows a moving time field within the elemental and structural composition of the crystal formation. Understanding a kinsothenitic continuum would involve a complex dissertation in an area of science not known to you, thus we will touch on only the most basic understanding of it here. In essence, this ‘k’-continuum does not align to natural polarity, but instead phase-matches directly with the universal light matrix, or the ‘golden net’ of athena. Thus, utilizing the Andara crystals (etherically, and \ or their current counterparts the man-made Andara crystal-glass), one may interact with athena’s net. 
This ‘net’ moves matter beyond the time barriers. Access into athena’s net allows soul-matter units integration with future forms of spirit-matter.
Athena’s net was the original akashic internet!
Magical Andaras contain high levels of monatomic etherium which is much more rare and potent than monatomic gold! 
This magical substance is what the annunaki came to Earth seeking!
Monatomics exhibit the properties of superconductors at normal temperatures. 
The principle behind a superconductor is that it is able to carry electrical energy without any resistance present, thus exhibiting a zero loss in the conduction of that energy. In addition, the process involves the conversion of electrons into a light frequency as they pair off within the super conductive medium. One of the keys in these monatomic superconductors is the presence of exotic single atom materials such as rhodium and iridium in the high spin state.
A new science has emerged to deal with the quantum like properties of high spin state (high frequency) elements. Superconductivity, gravity defying materials, teleportation, space-time manipulation, multi-dimensional universes and other truly astonishing discoveries have been made and are projected theoretically for the near future.
Natural montomic elements exhibit extraordinary properties that strengthen and stabilize the electromagnetic fields of the human body.
Monatomic metallic elements are superconductors with a null magnetic field, repelling both north and south magnetic poles. This is conducive to zero-point energy. ‘Zero-point energy’ (zpe) is known as an energy that fills the fabric of all space, which exists at very high frequencies. Monatomic metallic elements have the ability to tap into this limitless supply of energy in ways we are just beginning to understand.
Andara crystals contain the most concentrated charge of the monofield, hyperfield and kinsothenitic continuum.
It has also been shown that monatomic metallic elements can actually alter their physical state and shift into other dimensions. When heated under certain conditions, monatomic metallic elements, normally 35% silica, fuses into a beautiful obsidian-like material comprised of 75% silica. Scientists are unable to explain how this seemingly impossible transmutation takes place. Other tests revealed that the material could transfer its exotic properties to similar metallic or silica materials. It seems that the monatomic metallic elements have the ability to resonate similar materials to their high frequency rate, transmuting and/or transforming that material to resemble and reflect their exotic properties.
Monatomic Andara crystal is the result of monatomic metallic elements that are found naturally in the etherium powders heated to high temperatures. This process not only transmutes the etherium powders, but refines the monatomic metallic metals and enhances their exotic properties. Testing has shown that monatomic Andara crystal resonates at the high frequency of the exotic matter they were created from.
Monatomic Andara crystals are quantum in every respect!
Frequency is a measurement of energy. All substances can be measured for their wave signature or frequency. Even our thoughts are an energy that can be measured. Each organ of the body has its own frequency, with a particular range suggesting good health.
Andara crystals will tune the body to the exact perfect natural frequency for optimal health and and a state of youth!
Monatomic Andara crystals are also heliocentric, meaning that they absorb and reflect physical light toward the center of their crystalline spiral. This causes the monatomic Andara crystal to be very healing to gaze into while holding in natural sunlight.
Whats more, Andara crystals are composed of the most potent form of prima matra!
What is prima matra?
Prima matra is an ancient alchemical term that means prime unviolated first matter, and covers any form of matter that is resonant with the original first matter.
Original prima matra as light just beyond the ultraviolet end of the visible spectrum of the rainbow (high frequency), and the forms of prima matra with us today as the visible colors of the rainbow (gradients less in frequency, but all still light).
Prima matra is simply (high frequency) light-data that exists in the ether!
This substance is known as manna, the elixir of life, the philosophers stone, the fountain of youth, the primordial substance, exotic matter and it has many other sacred names!
Is being revealed at this time to the planet to assist humanity with the transformational process.
Andara is a the most powerful amplifier of consciousness in the universe and since you are already creating your own reality, this is the main ascension tool you will need to manifest not only a personal life of dreams but also a better world for all of humanity on Planet Earth!
An andara crystals are the Lemurian equivalent of a quantum super computer!
Andara is also a powerful amplifier, a multi-dimensional transmitter and receiver and it can store unlimited amounts of gamma light data just like a super hard drive!
This advanced, other-world extra terrestrial technology is the closest you will get to having access to real magic on Planet Earth!
Studying and understanding its metaphysical properties and the actual feeling you get when you work with one will make you a believer!
Note: the larger the size of the crystal, the more Ethereum it contains, thus it is more powerful!
All Andara crystals on Planet Earth are not the original Lemurian crystals.
The original crystals exist in the 5th dimension.
All earth-based, glass Andara crystal is connected etherically to the fifth-dimensional Andaras and all the ones found on earth resonate at the same high frequencies!
We encourage you to gather your own information about Andara crystal technology, acquire some of these magical stones and to learn how to work with them to create true ascension magic!
Dear one, follow your intuition now and do your best to begin working with this technology! You will be moved energetically by benevolent angelic forces through this special astral portal for the next several Earth weeks to a secure and safe place in your life that is free from the anxieties of life you have been experiencing!
A sort of energetic magic is going to happen to you over the coming weeks that will affect powerful, positive change in your life!
When you emerge from this shift, your amazing new life in 5D awaits!
We assure you that higher beings have intervened dear one and they are sending you everything you need right now to make this quantum leap to freedom, abundance and happiness! These wonderful things are going to be shown to you in the coming days!
We salute you great one for standing strong through it all and we are very proud of you for overcoming everything to this point!
It is time now for you to be free and happy and to come on up to a higher and much better way of being!
This is your great hour….
Now we begin….
Natural things are the closest things to Heaven! 
Andara Crystals are a direct way to begin experiencing this Heaven!
How to work with an Andara Crystal:
Simply come into close contact with an Andara, hold it, meditate with it, gaze upon it and send your highest intention into it! Andara will greatly amplify your desires and manifest them quickly and directly to you from a higher dimensional plane.
Operation Andara mission completion target: 3.21
~ Michael and the Pleiadians!


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